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Movie Screening: Tiger Stripes

Movie Screening: Tiger Stripes

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Join us for our first free film screening! 

Movie start 2:00pm
Location: The Screening Room @ VTIFF
60 Lake Street, first floor, Burlington VT 05401

Malaysia | 2023 | Fiction | Malay w/subtitles | 95 mins

Movie description courtesy of VTIFF: 
Precocious and quick-witted, 12-year-old Zaffan spends her days rebelling against her strict Islamic religious school and swimming in the lake with her best friends. It’s all pretty idyllic – until she gets her first period before anyone else in her class. Soon, other parts of her body begin to transform in terrifyingly grotesque ways. Ostracized by her peers – and what’s with that creature lurking around in the forest? – Zaffan (vibrantly embodied by newcomer Zafreen Zairizal) must choose between conformity and individuality. A Malaysian, female take on the body-horror genre, this dazzling debut by Amanda Nell Eu takes other cues from 1950s Southeast Asian monster cinema and Gen-Z internet culture. 

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